May 2018

“Deportations have very little to do with addressing crimes or criminals. All it does is cause suffering when you forcibly separate families and parents from their children,” “It is so easy for this society to criminalize Black and brown bodies but we have to always remind ourselves that we are all human beings and criminalizing us is just a way to dehumanize us.”

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Projected ‘sanctuary’ costs debunked by additional stats

The cost estimates, revealed at a Sept. 4 board of supervisors meeting “…those numbers have no correlation with reality”

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Centro del Pueblo- Sanctuary on the Radio

June 2017

It’s important that churches are declaring themselves sanctuaries, but it’s just as important for the county to pass a sanctuary law which will prohibit collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE agents except when required by state or federal law.

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August 2018

Dream Riders visit Humboldt County, highlight need for sanctuary ordinance:

“ No Person is illegal. ‘True citizenship’ is more than citizenship on a piece of paper,” Alice Lee, another Dream Rider, said. “We’re talking about being able to live like other people, having the full enjoyment of life.”

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February 2018

“It’s important that we recognize the indigenous brothers and sisters that are coming from south of the colonial border and recognize they have an inherent right to move on this land freely and to seek sanctuary from the communities that they’re coming from,” “... We stand here today not asking for anything new, but a remembrance of the old; asking for us to remember the relationships that our indigenous people had on this continent.”

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July 2018

“This is an opportunity for us to make a change in the course of American history, to stop the criminalization of people and to protect families,” “That’s probably the most critical thing I could see in the Humboldt sanctuary measure is giving the parents a choice of what happens over their child, which is almost prophetic... considering the thousands of children that have been separated from their families.”

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JuLy 2018

"We have such great dignity that it crosses all boundaries and despite our sadness, we are still fighting to reunite our families...We will continue to cross the border because migration is apart of human experience.”

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